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Notebook and Pen

The Works of
C.G. Clark

For as long as I can remember, I've kept a record of stories that popped into my mind. So many were sparked by seemingly inconsequential events witnessed as an anonymous observer. Others were the product of personal experience.


Still, while I dreamed about seeing those stories in print on bookstore shelves, it wasn't until a very wise young woman gave me some life-changing advice that I took the leap of faith. ​Not only did she tell me not to put God in a box, but she also told me not to let others put me in a similar package. Her words gave me the courage to step out of those imagined confines and share my voice with others.


To date, all three of my "Path of Discovery" series books are now in print:

Book #1 - "Redemption", Book #2 - "Perception," and Book #3 - "Intercession."  

The prequel, "Path of Truth," and my newest novel, "Restoration," are also now available.

​I'm so excited to share them with you. So please take time to check them out. I hope you enjoy my unique perspective through the eyes of my characters as they witness the collision between the tangible world and the spiritual realm, where invisible forces fight for the fate of humanity. 

The Books

Welcome to

The Works of C.G. Clark Books.


Enjoy reading through the descriptions of my currently published novels.

I hope you find one that catches your interest.


​All authors love reviews.

Me too!

Feel free to share your thoughts by selecting your favorite book on my Amazon Author Page

or drop me a line via Contact Me on this site. I'd love to know what you think!

Path of Discovery Series: Book I

December 2021

Everyone reaches that point in their life when they question why life happens the way it does. The question may be prompted by something they witness, or it could result from a situation that occurs in their own lives. Either way, we are a curious lot. While some may brush the question away, simply assuming "things happen for a reason," others may take it more to heart and need the reassurance that an answer might provide. Unanswered questions can often chip away at a person's resolve and, over time, result in a loss of hope and faith. Thankfully, we have a champion that will not let that condition go unchallenged, even when we fail to recognize it. This story is about one such person and her unusual journey to find her lost faith and regain her joy.

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Path of Discovery Series: Book II

April 2022

No matter where we go, or what we do in this life, we take with us our perception of what is real and what is fantasy. For Rowen McCaster, the lines between these two concepts will blur, providing an opportunity for her to examine them more closely and ultimately decide for herself how they align with her faith. This decision will be the foundation for a pivotal moment that could affect the future of everyone. What choice will she make, and at what cost?

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Path of Discovery Series: Book III

May 2022

Intercession is the action of intervening on behalf of another, but who is interceding for whom? Kaylee Winslow has been chosen for a very special purpose, but life experiences have left her cynical, and a loner who believes only in herself. She soon discovers there is much more to life than she could ever imagine. Not only do strangers become family, they ultimately offer a form of intercession to help her find the way to her true purpose. In the process, she learns what it means to be unconditionally loved, and even manages to offer a little intercession herself.

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Path of Truth

April 2022

Madison Jenkins has never known her biological mother. Instead, she spent her life bouncing from one foster home to the next, never really belonging. As a result, she learned to protect herself by building walls to keep everyone at arm’s length. The Capwells are different, and when she joins seven other orphans on the Capwell farm, Madison discovers how to believe and trust in those who have chosen to welcome her into their group without judgment. This sixteen-year-old veteran of the foster system learns the true essence of family as her journey leads her to the truth about what she believes and just how special she is when faced with the ultimate test of faith.

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Divine Path Series: Book I

May 2023

Rebeka Willette wakes to a world she does not recognize. Doctors and family say her jumbled memories result from a horrific accident she survived, but that killed her husband, a man she swears she never knew. As Rebeka tries to accept her “new normal,” she continues to have mental flashes too vivid to overlook as post-trauma confusion. She doubts her sanity when she sees people and events, including supernatural forces, she cannot explain.

Desperate to discern the truth, she embarks on an incredible journey to uncover clues from her past. An unexpected traveler helps Rebeka trust herself and see her current life isn’t altogether real, but a deviation created by enemy forces to thwart God’s plan. Will Rebeka fight to get back to reality before it’s too late? Her future and her life—and that of many others—may just depend on it.

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